3 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Amazon Web Services

Photo by Mikael Schelin

Modern cloud computing resources like Amazon Web Services provide businesses with many valuable tools that enable them to optimize processes and create new value for their customers. With the right cloud resource, businesses can build new revenue streams, boost agility and improve quality. So it’s not surprising that the cloud is one of the biggest trends and investments in business development.

However, despite the myriad of benefits, the cloud can quickly become a cost burden for businesses if it is not set up efficiently. In our work, we help customers track down and eliminate inefficiencies in their cloud environment—and save a significant portion of their IT budget as a result.

How do we do it? Using Amazon Web Services as an example, here are some of the tried and proven ways you can start cutting cloud costs already today.

These are 3 commonly used services that can be optimized to reduce the cost of your AWS cloud infrastructure. If you want to get more detailed information or you think your business could benefit from cloud cost optimization?

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